About Us…

The Team who has kept the annual pantomime tradition on Jamaican stage for the enjoyment of local and international audiences since the 1980s has evolved into a stand alone production company devoted to preserving the Pantomime genre.

An Award-winning production team and performers with hands-on involvement boasting a mix of experience and youthful energy stands on the shoulders of Jamaican theatre stalwarts ready to expose a new generation to the niceness of Jamaican Pantomime.

Visit http://www.ltmpantomime.com for the History of Pantomime in Jamaica

We Deliver

Quality productions that embrace positive messages of Jamaica’s history, folklore and customs.

From the earliest days of the tradition with Louise Bennett Coverley and Ranny Williams, the Pantomime has always included a “Jamaican Flavour” and today’s stagings continue to uphold these themes while embracing contemporary themes and culture.

What's New

“Skoolaz 3.0”

The Pantomime Company present “Skoolaz 3.0”, a renewed version of Barbara Gloudon’s popular pantomime “Schoolers”, that takes on the challenges and triumphs of today’s youth.

The saying goes, “the more things change, the more they remain the same.

We dedicate this show to past and present schoolers and all those involved in the education of our youth!