Script: Based on LTM Pantomime “Trash” by Barbara Gloudon.

Developed by The Pantomime Company Workshop with Khafari Moor and Cecelia McCarthy Reid

Director: Brian Johnson

Musical Director: Grub Cooper

Additional Music: Khafari Beatzzz

The Band:

Calvin Cameron, Calvin Mitchell, Jermaine Gordon, Meshach Brown

Movement: Patrick Earl

Set & Props: Gavin Wright, Ricky Chambers

Lighting: Rohan Gowie with Ewan Harvey

Sound: Crew: Sylvester Campbell & Latoya Newman

Producer: Anya Gloudon Nelson

Trash and Hype

The Story

King Nuff is a man with big plans, running his business empire alongside his obnoxious daughter Princess Champagne. One hold-out from the days when the neighbourhood was filled with family homes, is Uncle Ezra, a feisty senior who is not afraid to tell King Nuff what he thinks of the changes in the community.

Uncle Ezra lives next door to King Nuff’s call centre and is struggling to keep ownership of his beloved home. His niece Tameka, a young teacher, arrives from the country to support her uncle and teenaged cousin Romar, who is in need of extra guidance. Tameka the eternal optimist, cannot understand how the staff at King Nuff’s neighbouring call centre put up with Princess Champagne’s ridiculous demands as she tries to become the most popular social media influencer ever. Andre, a young manager at the call centre explains to Tameka that “a so de ting set”. No one wants to cross Princess Champagne or King Nuff.

Dukie an eccentric old man scavenges on the trash dump in the community. He is the only one willing to go there as it is believed the dump is home to a fearsome monster/duppy known as Dutty Dunnie, said to be under King Nuff’s control.

When King Nuff steps up his activities to force out Uncle Ezra and a plan concocted by Romar to prank Princess Champagne gets out of control, everyone must set aside their differences and work together to save the ones they love and find out once and for all – is there something sinister in the trash or is it just hype?

The Cast

What is Trash and Hype?

In the 1980s “trash and ready” was slang used to describe someone who was well dressed, turning the conventional definition on its head, and hype is the new lingo for a level of excitement. Are you trash and ready or hype?