Script: Hon. Barbara Gloudon, OJ from a concept by Owen Ellis and Michael Nicholson updated by Anya Gloudon and the Pantomime Company Workshop

Director: Michael Nicholson

Musical Director: Grub Cooper

The Band: Calvin Cameron, Jermaine Gordon, Calvin Mitchell, Daniel Edwards, Meshac Brown, Margaret Ricketts

Movement: Patrick Earl, Stacia “Fya” Edwards and George Howard
Pierre Lemaire (Mime sequences)

Costumes, Set & Props: Anya Gloudon

Set Construction: Ricky Chambers
Lighting: Rohan Gowie
Sound: Sylvester Campbell & Tashina Tello
Stage Manager: Adrian Harris

Skoolaz 3.0

Hattipha College for Boys, with Mr. Dryer as Headmaster, is proud of their school motto: Manus Rulus Foreveramus – Man must rule forever more! The College is in the forefront to win the coveted Channing Cup, emblem of schoolboy football supremacy, which means everything to Mr. Dryer and his deputy, Mr. Washington.

All seems to be going well, until the announcement from the Ministry that Hattipha College for Boys is to be merged with the Sunshine Academy for Girls. Mr. Dryer is horrified at the merging of his school with Sunshine, but the schoolers (pupils of both schools) have no problem with this arrangement. They have been “merging” long before this. In fact two girls, Nia and Abigail, have been secretly practising football with Hattipha’s star players Richie and Ronaldo. Sunshine’s school principal, Miss Chastings, is just doing her best to overcome her economic hardships, symbolised by her beloved car, Arabella, which stops more than it starts.

Papacita is Hattipha College’s handyman, who has got his hands on sweets that are said to be performance enhancers, and proceeds to sell them to the footballers. Papacita tries to control everything, including Miss Dorcas, who is a vendor at the school gate. He has invited her to join him in business, although he has kept the “Boosup Joosup” a closely kept secret. As old timers say – “what is in the dark must come to light” and Miss Dorcas begins to have her suspicions when she notices some of the youngsters behaving erratically.

Just before the final play off for the Channing Cup, the Hattipha star forwards, Ronaldo and Richie have disappeared while trying to track down the source of the “Boosup Joosup”. Miss Dorcas, Miss Chastings and Mr. Dryer spring into action to rescue their young charges and hopefully get to the Channing Cup Final before the kick off whistle blows. In true Pantomime tradition, all’s well that ends well – even as hard lessons are learned.

Cast of Characters

A Little Background...

The saying goes, “the more things change, the more they remain the same”. The Pantomime Script Workshop discovered that Gloudon’s work which took a light hearted look at the issues of transportation, teacher dissatisfaction, school gate vendors and threats to the safety of our youngsters are still present, along with the positives – the sense of pride that comes from attending a
school where our youngsters have a chance to excel and begin their journey to adulthood.
It was a clear cut choice to seek out well loved theatre practitioner Michael Nicholson as Director, having been a cast member in 1989/90’s “Schoolers”, and assistant director for “Schoolers 2” (1995/96). Grub Cooper shows once again that he has no “age paper”, fusing cutting edge rhythms with traditional arrangements of the music. Our seasoned actors are joined by new recruits who are bringing a blend of experience and fresh enthusiasm to the stage.
We dedicate this show to past and present schoolers and all those involved in the education of our youth – Everybody say “Skoolaz 3.0!”