Rebel K

Rebeka Richings is a young woman from an affluent family who has grown up following the wishes and edicts of her overbearing mother. Her true love is music, but her mother Caroline – or as she pronounces it Caroleyonne – would never accept anything less than her daughter becoming a doctor and marrying into high society.

In conducting research for a university course, Rebeka visits a street party in a vibrant inner city Kingston community. Caught up in the excitement, she gives an impromptu performance and gets the attention of DJ DuWayne a young, aspiring music producer. Rebeka throws caution to the wind and agrees to record one song, with the intention of keeping the new adventure from her mother and her hen-pecked step- father.

Rebeka’s neurotic best friend and DuWayne’s supportive mother are in her corner, encouraging her to find her voice and when the song begins to gain public attention, all secrets must come to light. Rebeka must find the courage to stand up to her mother and take control of her life.

Cast of Characters